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Face fitness


Dear ladies,

When we get over thirty, we become aware that our faces are losing tone. At forty it becomes clear that our faces are losing the fight with gravity and we usually begin to care for them more intensively. Different creams, a more comprehensive care approach, massages and visits to the cosmetician certainly can improve the situation, but the uncomfortable slack feeling is still there. Over the years, unfortunately, things don't get any better. Facial muscles are no longer plump and vital and this is reflected in their outward appearance. There are several additional methods by which you can help – surgical procedures such as facelifts, a variety of exercise types...

Today, I present a very simple, but extremely effective exercise method. Facial fitness can be trained with the use of a device that strengthens the muscles in the area from the eyes down. The idea came from a visit to the dentist. Thanks to my enthusiastic friends, who have embarked with me on a month-long test, we are already watching the promising results unfold. Facial muscles strengthened considerably increased firmness of appearance; even some wrinkles have already been ironed out.

The concept of strengthening body muscles using fitness equipment was applied to strengthening the muscles of the face. A simple latex device can be used to stretch the lips, which in our day-to-day lives we often keep pressing together. The exercises are designed so as to activate all the major muscles of the face from the eyes down and strengthen them evenly. Training takes place from 6 to 10 minutes a day. The advantage of this method is that after a few days you learn to carry out other tasks while performing these facial exercises without any problem. The fear that you will require additional time for yourself in order to do the exercises is thus superfluous.

Meet the gadget that strengthens your facial muscles in an easy and fun way.


Body muscles tend to weaken with age, therefore many people choose to start attending a local gym or take up various types of sports. Likewise, as the years go by facial muscles will start to lose their tone, as well as this the skin will sag and wrinkles will become more pronounced.

The picture shown portrays the different facial muscles. I developed some exercises that can strengthen individual muscles from the eyes down. These exercises can be found in the EO EO FACE training programme. With regular practice your facial muscles will soon gain in strength and volume.

On purchasing the course you will receive a free training device, which is really easy to use.

  • A upper lip lifter,
  • B mouth angle lifter,
  • C masticator,
  • D smiling muscle,
  • E oral angle depressor,
  • F lower lip depressor,
  • G oral circular muscle,
  • H cheek flattener

Instructions for training

Let us introduce the first exercise which is part of the training programme for strengthening facial muscles from the eyes down. The exercise strengthens the muscles around the lips and makes the lips look fuller.



Do not use in case of injury / affliction of lips, mouth, gums or other facial parts.


An innovative idea for exercising facial muscles

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The price of the course, which also includes the free training device as well as the postage, is €20.